Uzbekistan Tour

2 Days Uzbekistan Tour (Tour To Yurt Camp In Ayadarkul)


The Two-Days Tour To The Yurt Camp begins with a trip to Nuratau in Kyzyl Kum desert region. On the way there will be several stops. First stop - Gidzhduvan town. Here you will visit the famous ceramics workshop of well known school "Gijduvan Ceramics", and Memorial Al Gijduvani and Ulugbek Madrassah.

Next stop in Sarmyshsay is a buffer zone which is famous for its rock paintings (petroglyphs) .

In Nuratau you will visit ruins of the fort of Alexander The Great and Chasma Ayub secret complex. And the final destination is the Yurt Camp, located in the vast expanses of the majestic Kyzyl Kum desert, next to Aydarkul lake. You can become a real nomad man - you will feel the romance of dunes, see myriad of stars during the night in yurts.

The food is cooked on the campfire and song-stories of local bard will make your night unforgettable and enjoyable. The tour program to the Yurt Camp is included camel riding to the nearest village. Here you can try hot and tasty Uzbek bread straight from the tandoor. And take a walk to Ayadarkul lake, make picture of beautiful landscape of this place.

In the evening you will taste delicious dinner of local cuisine.

Next day departure to Samarkand.


Early departure from Bukhara, the way to Sarmyshsay is (150 km, 2 hours).

On the way there is a stay in Gijduvan, a visit the ceramics' workshop of one of the famous masters in Uzbekistan.

Tour will continue to natural reserve of Sarmyshsay. The historic site of Sarmyshsay is still called as The Gallery Images of the Stone Age. More than 3,000 rock paintings - petroglyphs are in the form of images of wild animals, people, hunting scenes and life period of the Stone Age.

Next destination is Cashma Ayub complex in Nuratau region (80 km, 1 hour). It is a holy source and ruins of fortress Nur, which was founded by Alexander The Great on the 4th century B.C.

Lunch at the local teahouse or lunch-boxes.

After lunch we continue our trip to the Yurt Camp, located near the Aydarkul lake in Kyzyl Kum desert.

Arrival to the Yurt Camp, accommodation in yurts.

Evening dinner will be in yurt camp and performance of the Kazakh bard - folk singer is going to be around the campfire.

Duration of tour: 6 - 7 hours.

Overnight in yurts.

Yurt Camp

Camel riding. A trip to the Aydarkul lake or to the nearest village by camels.

Drive to Aydarkul lake and take pictures of amazing landscapes. Some of you can go fishing.

Duration of tour; 3 hours

Lunch at the Yurt Camp - SAMARKAND

After lunch departure to Samarkand (300 km, 3.5 hours).

The End of Tour

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