Uzbekistan Adventure Tours

Uzbekistan Adventure Tours

It is said that "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." The definition of adventure tour itself which is very broadly used conjures up moves of highly skilled sportspersons who jump off the cliff or skate at rocketing speed flying across a giant void. But it shouldn't have to be that way. Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone and taking somewhat of a risk. Risk is an integral part of life which makes it bit more exciting and glamorous. Adventure tours can be as simple as an off-the-beaten-path city excursion trip or trekking through a steep slope - something that you're not accustomed to.

Uzbekistan which is ideally located in the central part of Central Asia offers many marvelous places where you can check your testosterone levels. From endless desert lands, to snow mountaintops, to fertile pasturelands, there's just so much Uzbekistan has on offer for both adventure seekers and normal tourists alike.

Uzbekistan Adventure Tours

Adventure Sports Opportunities In Uzbekistan


With numerous mountain ranges running through the region of Uzbekistan, there's surplus amount of opportunities for hiking and trekking. Charvak, Beldersay, Chimgan, all located in the Fergana Valley are the favorite spots among tourists looking for trekking options.

Desert Safari

With 80% of Uzbekistan land covered with desert, a safari through desert is an ideal option. This safari can be via 4X4 vehicles or camel rides. But either way, you'll traverse through the harsh desert environment that the everyday person inhabiting this place goes through.

Nomadic lifestyle

Adventure tours are also a way to connect with cultures. Uzbekistan has a long history of following a nomadic lifestyle which is still prevalent in some rural parts of the country. Tours taken to villages located in the outskirts of Fergana Valley region or other isolated place often give you a glimpse of the nomadic lifestyle of the locals that may seem strange to people coming from developed countries. Nevertheless, living in yurts (tents with decorated fabrics), tasting a different cuisine, and spending time among the locals will give you a whole new experience altogether.

Top Adventure Tour Sites In Uzbekistan:

Aral Sea

Considered one of the catastrophic man-made environmental disasters in human history, Aral Sea offers adequate adventure opportunities for travelers. From what was the one of the four largest lakes in the world, after commencement of the irrigation project by the Soviets, it has now reduced down to 25% of its original size. Majority of the area has turned to barren desert, thus making it ideal for a half-day desert safari tour.

Nurata Mountains and Aydarkul Lake

The Nurata mountain ridge which is full of rocky areas and hills are a perfect ground for novice trekkers to test their skills. With the highest point being 2,169 meters, it is relatively an easier trekking destination. The region of Aydar Lake hosts many traditional cultural tours where you can get to experience the gypsy lifestyle.

Uzbekistan Adventure Tours Packages

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

10 Days Uzbekistan Tour - Golden Road Uzbekistan

On our way we visit Kokand city, excursion in palaces of Kokand Khan, further Rishtan city which is famous with its ceramic , we go to the one workshop to see the whole process of producing ceramics.

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

14 Days Uzbekistan Tour - Carol’s Tour in Uzbekistan

FREE TIME IN TASHKENT: In evening we invite you to have national dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in Tashkent - Karavan restaurant. Night in Tashkent hotel

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

12 Days Uzbekistan Tour - Art And Crafts Tour

Uzbek culture is famous around the world for its original style and ornaments in arts and crafts. Local trades are important elements of national and world culture. Many connoisseurs of antique come to our country especially

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

14 Days Uzbekistan Tour - Classic Tour Around Uzbekistan

This classic tour covers the most prominent cities and places of Uzbekistan. The tour begins in Tashkent - the biggest city of Central Asia and the modern capital of Uzbekistan. To its visitors and guests, Tashkent

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

8 Days Uzbekistan Tour - 4 GEMS Of Uzbekistan

This classic tour covers the four must-visit cities of Uzbekistan. The tour begins in Tashkent ' the biggest city of Central Asia and the modern capital of Uzbekistan. To its visitors and guests, Tashkent offers a unique mixture of the

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

2 Days Uzbekistan Tour - Tour to Yurt Camp in Ayadarkul

The two-days tour to the Yurt Camp begins with a trip to Nuratau in Kyzyl Kum desert region. On the way there will be several stops. First stop - Gidzhduvan town. Here you will visit the famous ceramics

Uzbekistan Adventure Tour

5 Days Uzbekistan Tour - Tour To Aral Sea

Tour to the Aral Sea is very popular for fans of extreme adventure and extraordinary travel. The name "Aral Sea" comes from the word "aral" meaning island. The sea's name reflects the fact that it is a vast basin