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2 Days Kazakhstan Tour - Treasure Of Mangystau

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Mangystau region is located in southwestern Kazakhstan, east of the Caspian Sea to the plateau Mangyshlak (Mangystau). It borders on the north-east of Atyrau and Aktobe region in the south - with Turkmenistan and in the east - with Uzbekistan.

The Treasure Peninsula... This is what people call one of the richest areas of Kazakhstan - Mangistau Region. This land is rich in oil, gas, raw materials, and various ores and minerals. It is also true that present-day Mangystau is called a land of tourism and recreation, with a rich cultural heritage.

Aktau City

Aktau City

Aktau is a capital of Mangystau region. In 1963, the settlement of Aktau received town status. The city is a major oil and gas production center, and is known for its unique heated oil pipeline. The population of Aktau is around 185,353 (on 2016).


Bozzhira (1 panoramic view)

Bozzhira is part of cliff plateau's Ustuyrt, which has unusual landscape in white chalky tones. The giant valley Bozzhira is surrounding on three sides with white canyons, peaks, mountains-tower, mountains-castles, mountains-yurtas. The visiting card is two limestones peaks, which called Fangs. Height of Fangs is more than 200 meters. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Mountain Bokty

Mountain Bokty

Mountain Bokty is location on the bottom of dry sor, where north side is narrow by hillock Golbanshe, where through permeate the graded road on mosque Beket-ata. Mountain Bokty has amazing characteristics. It is change its contours on different point of view. On the one side Bokty looks like giant boat with upside down keel. On the south side mountains look like horizontal many-colored pyramid.

Senek Sands

Senek Sands

In the north-west of the Ustyurt National Preserve, in the middle of the steppe, there is a small Senek desert, named after Senek village located nearby. It is quite a remarkable place and definitely worth seeing

Airport of Aktau city

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