The frontier town of Termez bordering with Afghanistan is one of the few cities in Central Asia where you can see rich Buddhist influence amidst this Muslim dominated region. Located along the shores of Amu Darya River, it is also one of the ancient cities of Central Asia.

History Of Termez

Just like other major cities in Uzbekistan, Termez too had to endure numerous conquests by multiple rulers. Even though the exact founding date of the city is not yet known, surprisingly there was a celebration of 2,500th anniversary of the city. Dating back as old as 6th Century BC, Old Termez was first conquered by Alexander The Great and named it Achaemenids. Later it came under the rule of Kushan Empire who were great patron of Buddhism and extensively ruled South Asia. During this time (roughly 1st to 3rd Century BC), it was called Ta-li-mi and was a prominent Buddhist center. Then from 5th to 6th Century, it was governed by Hephthalites and Sassanids. Then till the 7th Century various regional dynasties emerged and ruled Termez, but perhaps the biggest cultural influence on Termez was imparted by the Arab invaders who arrived on scene in around 705. It became an Islamic center during the Abbadids and Samanids rule. From 9th to 12th Century with continuous progress in art and culture, Termez transformed into one of the biggest cities in the region and also a profound cultural center. In 1220, the city got almost completely destroyed by Genghis Khan before being restored during the Timurid Empire. The city prospered during the Soviet rule who established a military base and other industrial enterprises which aided development of Termez.

Currently, Termez serve as a busy transport route for goods exchange between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan via the Friendship Bridge which was built by Soviet Union.

Things To Do In Termez

As Termez is as old as one could get and with rich history of various faiths and religions, inevitably there were various monuments created from time to time, some of which date back to 6 -7th century.

Major Historical Sightseeing InTermez: