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The landlocked country of Tajikistan covering an area of 143,100 sq km is the smallest of all of the Central Asian states. The territory is covered by the Pamir Mountains and over 50% of the country is situated at an elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level. With striking scenery, lower cost of travel, and some world class adventure sites, after years of being largely ignored by the tourist fraternity, Tajikistan Tour Packages are slowing gaining popularity.

The region was incorporated into the Greeco-Bactrian Empire by Alexander the Great. Since then, just like the other Central Asian nations, it has been home to a wide range of cultures, faiths, religions, and dynasties. The Silk Road cities of Tajikistan that for long served as important caravanserai destinations are precious pearls framed by picturesque landscapes of the Pamir Mountains.

While in Tajikistan, you'll see two different cultural sides of the same country. One is the metropolitan which you'll see in the bigger cities like Dushanbe, Panjikent, and the other is highland or Kuhiston, a conservative lifestyle prevailing in the Fergana Valley region of Tajikistan. For tourist coming from outside, it is the latter which they find more intriguing.

Tajikistan, today, is visited by very little number of tourists, as compared to Uzbekistan, who come here on one of our Tajikistan Tour Packages just to visit the Pamir mountain ranges, and especially for an adventurous road trip through the Pamir Highway that extend from Afghanistan to Osh in Kyrgyzstan, though unofficially. It's an once-in-a-lifetime road trip through the cliffs, valleys, narrow rivers, and deserts of the Pamir Mountain range that calls out to the most adventurous ones.

Tajikistan Tour

3 Days Of Tajikistan Tour

Today you will drive to Tajiksitan, to Khujand city. It is the second largest city of Tajikistan. It is situated on the Syr Darya River at the mouth of the Fergana Valley. The population of the city is 149,000.

Tajikistan Tour

4 Days Of Tajikistan Tour

Our guide will pick you up from the border and you drive to Dushanbe. On the way you will visit Hisor fortress (VII- XVII centuries). The entire day is dedicated to a guided city tour. First of all you will visit Rudake

Tajikistan Tour

7 Days Of Tajikistan Tour - Cultural Tour To Tajikistan

Our guide will meet you in the airport and accompany to the hotel. In the morning we will drive 35 km to visit Hisor fortress (VII- XVII centuries). This historical site has fortified areas and citadel. The fortress

Tajikistan Tour

7 Days Of Tajikistan Tour - Pamir Mountains Tour

This is an unforgettable journey to the famous Pamir Mountains! You will enjoy the beauty of nature has preserved its beauty for thousands of years. Just see the beauty of the mountain lakes. The views of