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3 Days Kazakhstan Tour - Space Tourism To Baikonur

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Country : Kazakhstan (Astana - Kyzylorda - Baikonur - Kyzylorda - Astana)

Duration : 3 days / 2 nights

Group Size : Max 10 persons. Min 1 person

Tour Type : History, Advanture, Space tourism

Activity Level : Light, Hiking

Space tourism is becoming more popular every year. Tour to the Baikonur cosmodrome is a fascinating journey into the Kazakh steppe, from which rockets are launched. It is the first space Bahnhoff in the world. From here, the first man-made satellite Sputnik had been blown to the Earth's orbit. Yuri Gagarin launched from here. From here start their journey to the ISS cosmonauts. Wehrend your trip you will have a tour and see it in Baikonur launch a rocket from just 2.5 km away. A fascinating journey you will never forget. If you want see the place from where started a journey to the space, you must choose this tour!


Flight Almaty ( Astana )

Kyzylorda. Arrival in Kyzylorda.

Transfer to the train station. Train Kyzylorda - Baikonur (St. Turatam, 33 N train , wagon , space )

Arrive at Baikonur. Transfer to Hotel Centralnaya


After breakfast, transfer to the starting point N2.

The museum of Baikonur cosmodrome story where you learn about the main stages of development Baikonur, you will also see Memorial Homes by J. S. Korolev and Gagarin.

There is also the Buran spacecraft , the Russian space shuttle variant.

Transfer to the launch site 254 Short address of the cosmonauts before the State Commission.

Transfer to the launch site 112 Lunch in the canteen . Continue to St / space " Vertoletnaja " . Start watching.

Gagarin Start? 1, from here launched the first satellite in 1957 and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The launch site is still used. Return to the city.

Free time - Overnight.


After Fruehstuck transfer to the station . Train Baikonur - Kyzylorda ( 34 N train , wagon, Pl ).

Arrival in Kyzylorda . Transfer to the airport . Flight Kyzylorda -Almaty or Astana.

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