Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages

Referred to as mountain heaven and land of nomads, Kyrgyzstan is one of the "Stans" of Central Asia. What's compelling about this country is the fact that 80% of its total area is covered by the rugged mountain ranges, and over 94% of the country is situated above an elevation of 1,000 meters.

With history stretching more than 2 millennia and being a territory through which the Great Silk Road passed, some of the regions of Kyrgyzstan are rich in antiquities. One such region is Osh, which is currently the second largest city in the country and covered extensively in our Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages. The Great Silk Road Bazar in Osh was in the past was among the largest market in Central Asia, and is still in operation. This city has several monuments from the medieval era, albeit in ruined forms, that are now major archaeological excavation site.

Tian Shan mountain system cover majority of the country, and its ranges dominate the territory. Running downhill from these mountains are a number of big and small glacial-fed rivers and streams which feed upward of 1,900 mountain lakes in here. Issyk Kul which is the second largest saline lake in teh world is perched in the northern part of Tian Shan at an elevation of 1,607 meters. In the vicinity of these lakes, various nomadic communities still exist. Nomads way tour will take you through the lifestyle of these people.

These mountainous features make Kyrgyzstan seemingly cut off from the rest of the region. Located near the Issyk-Kul Lake is the fourth largest city of country, Karakol. Take an eco tour to the Reina Kench, 18 km from Karakol for a relaxing, pleasing mountain experience. Our Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages will take you to the nearby mountain peaks for a trekking trip.

Eco Farm

3 Days Eco Farm Reina Kench Tour

Join us for an adventurous weekend tour to eco-farm Reina-Kench, which is located 18 km from Karakol town. rest from busy city life and have a peaceful sleep; Taste delicious potatoes, sour-cream, cheese

karakol town

3 Days Kyrgygstan Tour - Around Issyk-Kul Lake

During this tour you will travel to one of the most popular destinations in Kyrgyzstan - Issyk-Kul Lake.Additionally, you will visit Burana Tower, Rukh-Ordo Cultural Center as well as Jeti-Oguz Valley and


3 Days Sary Chelek Lake Tour

Minzifa Travel offers a weekend tour to Sary-Chelek, one of the most beautiful lakes in the country! It is surrounded by walnut and fruit forests and more than 1000 species of plants, 160 species of birds.

Tash Rabat

14 Days Kyrgygstan Cultural Tour - Around Kyrgygstan

Kyrgyzstan is known for its beautiful landscapes with the high mountains and breathtaking alpine lakes. During this tour visitors will see all the highlights that this country has to offer. The views from one


12 Days Kyrgygstan Flowers Tour

The plant kingdom in Kyrgyzstan has about four thousand different varieties. This great biodiversity lies in the different landscapes, different heights and at the edges of mountain caves. On the alpine meadows

Burana Tower

7 Days Kyrgygstan Tour - Four Regions Of Kyrgyzstan

We are sure that the seven-day tour of the main attractions of Kyrgyzstan you will remember for a long time! During these seven days you will visit such places as The mountain Sulaiman-Too, Uzgen Minaret, Petroglyphs

Korona Hut

5 Days Kyrgygstan Tours - Trekking Tour To Ala-Archa

Full day hike to Korona Hut in the foothills of Korona Peak. Enjoy magnificent views of icy walls of Free Korea, Ak Too, Teke Tor peaks that surround the glacier. Return to Ratzek hut. PM free time before dinner.

Song Kul Lake

2 Days Kyrgyzstan Tours - Weekend Tour To Song-Kul

Song-Kul Lake lies at an altitude of 3016 m, and has an area of about 270 km2 and volume of 2.64 km3. Lake's maximum length is 29 km, breadth about 18 km, and extreme depth of 13.2 m. It is the second largest lake after

issyk kul lake

7 Days Kyrgyzstan Tours - Winter Tour to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its ski base in Karakol town during winter months as well as several other places where guests can fully enjoy snow and winter activities, which include skiing, snowboarding, skiing, and riding sledges


10 Days Kyrgygstan Tour - Nomads Way Tours

More than any other Central Asian people, the Kyrgyz have been attached to their traditional way of life as nomads. This tour will show you the hospitality of Kyrgyz people when you visit them at yurts where they live; introduce to nomadic

rafting at chu river

1 Day Rafting Tour Kyrgygstan

Kyrgyz Concept offers a 1,5 hours trip to Chon-Kemin and Chu River (in the Boom canyon). This tour is designed for both adventurous people and beginners. Under the guidance of an experienced guide you learn how to control the boat.