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Tour the magnificent country where the nomadic lifestyle still prevails and people still live in yurts and graze their livestock as part of their livelihood. Being covered with mountain ranges and about 94% of the country's total area situated above an elevation of 1,000 meters, Kyrgyzstan seems isolated from the rest of the Central Asia by these high mountains.

The historic Silk Road route passed through the mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan, and unlike other countries, remained constant in its entire time period of being in operation as a trading route because of the closeness to the Tian Shan Mountains. A day tour to the ancient part of Osh or Uzgen will let you witness the ancient trading route and the monuments that once flanked it.

The mountainous feature of Kyrgyzstan means you can have endless adventure actions in the peaks. The year-around snow in the mountains, because of the high altitude, it is perfect for extreme sports like skiing, trekking, and hiking to the top. An adventure tour package will let you enjoy all of them. Running downhill from these mountains are a number of big and small glacial-fed rivers and streams which feed upward of 1,900 mountain lakes in here. Camps are regularly organized in the vicinity of those lakes. Cultural tours to the nearby village settlements are also possible if you let us know in advance.