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The biggest of all the Central Asian nations (ninth largest in the world), Kazakhstan is filled with natural and man-made marvels which captivate the full attention of tourists.Inhabited since the Paleolithic period, Kazakhstan, just like other countries in Central Asia, is millennia old. Much before the operation of the Silk Road route, ancient Kazakhstan was a key constituent of the the Steppe route of Eurasia and the territory was settled very early on. Almaty which is covered in almost all of our Kazakhstan tour packages is now the largest metropolitan city of Kazakhstan located along that old route and also the Silk Road after it started functioning.

Adventure tours on the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains let you enjoy activities like trekking and hiking. Ethnically, Kazakhstan seems to be leading in numbers as well. There are close to 131 ethnic groups residing within its border, and our cultural tours will take you through the peculiar and different lifestyle of some of the groups.

Thanks to the abundance in mineral resources, the country is well ahead among all Central Asian nations in economic front as well and accounts for nearly 60% of the GDP in the region. Thus the standard of living is advanced and so is the tourism infrastructure. It often serves as a base for visiting other 'Stans' of Central Asia for people coming on combined tour packages.