Central Asia

Central Asia Tour Packages

Central Asia for long has bridged the eastern and western civilization. The famous Silk Road route which was solely responsible for facilitating trade between the two distant regions passed through this region, making the region that flanked it both prosperous and wealthy. This attracted the attention of various dynasties who wanted to profit out of them, and thus if you look back at its history, it had been home to upwards of hundreds of them, both big and small. Alexander's Greeco Bactrian Empire, Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire, and other Arab invaders expanded their territories beyond Central Asia. Various Empires like Timurid Empire and several Khanates like Khanate of Bukhoro and Khanate of Khiva too emerged out of it.

As you'll witness in our Central Asia tour packages, the entire region has varied geography and topography. Sky high mountains (rough, snowy, and lush slopes), treeless steppes, vast deserts, high passes, rivers, valleys, are just some of them. Countries like Kyzgyzstan and Turkmenistan are more than 50% mountainous.

Situated at the crossroad of cultures and being a melting pot of religions, the territories of Central Asia saw influx of ideas, inspirations, and recommendations which transformed this region into a land of skilled artisans who weaved together mesmerizing form of art work and constructed awe inspiring monuments.

Here are our Central Asia tour packages of different "Stans" of Central Asia:

  • One of the diversified countries in Central Asia, visit Uzbekistan by choosing our Uzbekistan tour packages.
  • One of the lesser known countries, our Turkmenistan tour packages will take you to this unexplored place.
  • Take one of our Tajikistan tour packages and explore the smallest country in Central Asia.
  • Explore the still-prevalent nomadic lifestyle of Kyrgyz people in our Kyrgyzstan tour packages.
  • The biggest country in Central Asia, explore Kazakhstan by selecting one of our Kazakhstan tour packages.
  • Explore the ancient medieval cities of Central Asia in our Silk Road tour packages.

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Silk Road

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The Great Silk Road is almost inseparable from the Central Asian region. This iconic caravan route was for millennia the sole mode of transportation