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Mangystau region is located in southwestern Kazakhstan, east of the Caspian Sea to the plateau Mangyshlak (Mangystau). It borders on the north-east of Atyrau and Aktobe region in the south - with Turkmenistan and in the east - with Uzbekistan.

The Treasure Peninsula... This is what people call one of the richest areas of Kazakhstan - Mangistau Region. This land is rich in oil, gas, raw materials, and various ores and minerals. It is also true that present-day Mangystau is called a land of tourism and recreation, with a rich cultural heritage.

Aktau City

Aktau City

Aktau is a capital of Mangystau region. In 1963, the settlement of Aktau received town status. The city is a major oil and gas production center, and is known for its unique heated oil pipeline. The population of Aktau is around 185,353 (on 2016).

Geologic Zhygylgan Depression

Geologic Zhygylgan depression

The Zhygylgan Depression is on the Caspian shore washing the vast Tupkaragan Plateau. Here, in ancient times, seismic processes resulted in the subsidence of a vast 30-m thick limestone area. The depression is more than 10 km2. The total differential altitude to the sea shore is 180 m.

Underground mosque Sultan Epe

Underground Mosque Sultan Epe

According to legend, Sultan Epe is known as the disciple of saint Khoja Ahmed Yassaui. One day Sultan Epe's father called him, but he was late and explained his delay in that it helped people a sinking ship. His father did not believe, so Sultan Epe gone and built an underground mosque. "Sultan-Epe save and protect" as his name is mentioned people who are in trouble of water.

Kapamsay Canyon

Kapamsay Canyon

The Kapamsay Canyon is disposed in Silicon's Valley. Imagine: Chalky cliffs and on the bottom of coulee is contained green grove with giant secular trees. Once here was leaked narrow, but deep river. There are many silicon pebbles, which spangled all area.

Stone Lace Shakpak Ata

Stone lace Shakpak Ata

Underground mosque Shakpak-Ata is located on the Peninsula of Tub-Karagan, off the south coast of the Gulf Sarytas, 20 km north-west of the village Tauchik. In the mosque can be accessed from the surface of the plateau, nadmechetnoy pad opening on the east side. The interior of the mosque has no elements of decoration. The walls are covered with niche portal and multi-temporal inscriptions contour images of horses, bulls, open palm.

Ball Valley Torysh

Ball valley Torysh

The uncovering nodule lies on both side from mounting above hundreds of kilometers, which is giving the singularity to local landscape. Where bed was broken in a vertical position - there are formed long ridges from stones of various sizes. And where bed was broken in a horizontal position - there are nodule is occurring by field, that is formed the fanciful conglomerations of balls, eggs, mushrooms, UFO, cylinders, nest-dools and animals.

Airport Of Aktau City

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