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Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Offer educational tours thatinspire people to explore and connect with each other across cultures and borders. Our voyages with insight to the history and culture will demonstrate that everything we do may improve or degrade our world. We, as travelers and hosts,are global citizens. We should awake our power to enact the changes we want to see in the world.

Financially support the community development work of our partners with remaining financially sustainable as a tour operator.
Serve as a model tour company in the countries we operate in the field of educational tourism and help improve the industry by sharing our knowledgeand experience we gained along the way.

Develop the mechanism to design our tours basing on both input from local communities and feedback from tourists.
Focus our support on capacity building, offering our customers the chance to learn about and from the communities they visit.
Provide travelers with a more immersive and authentic engagement with the national culture of the country they visit in comparison with trips typically offered by other tour companies.

Create a vibrant virtual community that aids travelers to contribute to ongoing projects even after their trip is over and connects them to other travel enthusiasts.

Provide support for local and responsible tourism initiatives through our choices of operators with a focus on minimizing our environmental impact.