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(a) Uzbekistan/ Itinerary

Itinerary:Almaty - Lake Issyk-Kul - Bishkek - Osh - Fergana - Margilan - Rishtan - Kokand - Khujand - Istaravshan - Pendzhikent - Dushanbe - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand - Bukhara - Khiva - Kunyurgench - Darvaza - Ashgabat - Nohur - Ashgabat


Arrival in Almaty airport

At the international airport of Almaty you will be met by your guide for escorts to the city. (30 minutes).

In the first half of the day You will visit Park 28 Panfilov - This is a big green.

The park is a witness to the rich history of the city. Tour of the park, inspection of the Cathedral, Alley fame visit the museum of musical instruments, and also a museum of the city of Almaty. Lunch in the restaurant which national cuisine.

In the course of the tour we will visit Republic Square, the world famous alpine Medeo complex 25 kilometers from Almaty at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, climbing the funicular to the mountain resort "Chimbulak" you can see “Medeo” from the height of the bird flight. Before dinner, climb to the lookout Kok-Tobe playground - this park is located on top of the mountain. Cable station at the foot of the mountains located next to the Abai square and the Palace Republic, surrounded by fountains and buried in the green of the squares. Six minutes of enthusiastic flight in a cable car cabin, and you are on top of Kok Tobe mountain, one of the symbols of Almaty. "Kok Tobe "is a mountain park with a mini-zoo, restaurants, rides and souvenir shops surrounding Almaty TV tower But the main attraction here is spectacular. panoramic observation deck with breathtaking views on the city and Trans-Ili Alatau ridges.

Check-in, dinner at the hotel.

Night in hotel Almaty


Breakfast in the hotel

10:00 departure for excursion “Big Almaty Lake ”is one of the most picturesque mountain lakes located in Trans-Ili Alatau in the gorge of the river Big Almatinka at an altitude of 2600 m. above sea level.

The lake is very beautiful, especially when its blue surface is absolutely calm and in it the sky and surrounding mountains are reflected.

Three major peaks rise above the lake, which can be seen from the northern end of the dam: the peak of the Soviets (4317 m) - to the south- East, peak Ozerny (4110 m) - in the south, up the river valley, peak Tourist (3954 m) - southwest of the lake.

West of Peak Tourist is the crest of Peak Great Almaty, a pyramid of height Z681 m, which is clearly visible from the city center. On the way back to the city we will visit the Sunkar falcon nursery, where many birds listed in the red book and see a show with imitation of hunting birds of prey. Return in the hotel, dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Overnight at the hotel

Night in hotel Almaty

Ake Issyk-Kul

Breakfast in the hotel

Transfer Almaty BP Kordai - Issyk - Kul lake (290 km, 6 hours)

Morning trip to the Issyk-Kul lake. Crossing the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyz border at Kordai BP and moving to the Issyk-Kul region.

Closed on all sides by the snowy peaks of the Tien-Shan mountains, Issyk-Kul Lake literally means "hot lake", as they say, the world's second-largest high-altitude lake or the second-largest shipping lake in the world. The area around the lake is well known for its beautiful sandy beaches among locals and people from Kazakhstan and Russia. There are also many valleys with hiking and climbing in the south-eastern part of the Issyk-Kul region (on request)

Night in hotel of Issyk-Kul

Lake Issyk-Kul

Breakfast in the guest house

Transfer Issyk-Kul Lake Bishkek (250 km, 5 hours 30 min.)

En route visit: Open-air Petroglyphs Museum and Buran tower near Tokmok town.

Optionally: One-hour boat cruise at Issyk-Kul.

Optionally: Kok Bory horse games presentation show, near Burana

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan and the gateway to the country. Most of the sights in the city are former Soviet monuments; Ala-Too Main Square with the Freedom Monument (former Lenin Square), the Museum of Fine Arts and the Frunze Museum House are the birthplace of the famous general. Museum of Sculptures in the open air, Russian Orthodox Church. The place you must visit is Osh bazaar, an amazingly large market with an abundance of different goods.

Night in a hotel in Bishkek


Breakfast in the hotel

Bishkek Osh

10:00 Transfer to the airport in Bishkek

11:50 Departure from Bishkek (flight 40 min)

12:40 Arrival to Osh

Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, located in the Fergana Valley. In the center of the city is Suleiman-Too ("Mount Solomon"), which is dominant in the city. In the mountain there is a cave, which is a landmark museum, and contains a collection of archaeological, geological and historical finds and information about the local flora and fauna.

There are several monuments in the city, one of them is dedicated to the Kyrgyz Queen Kurmanjan Datka, known for its initial resistance to the conquest of the region by Russia, a mosque built in 1497 by 14-year-old Babur, who recently became the crowned king of the Ferghana Valley, the largest mosque in Kyrgyzstan - the Shaid Mosque Tepa and the 16th century mosque Rabat Abdul Khan.

Overnight at hotel in Osh


Breakfast in the hotel

08:00 Transfer Osh Fergana Valley (118 km)

Osh Dostuk BP (15 km, 20 min)

The crossing of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border and the road to Fergana, which is the capital of the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan.

12:00 Approximate time of arrival in Fergana

Arrival in the city of Ferghana and a walk in the central park named after. Ahmad Al-Ferghani


Afternoon drive to the city of Margilan

The city of Margilan is located 20 km from Fergana and is one of the oldest cities in the Fergana Valley. Since ancient times, Margilan was famous for its fine and fine silk and ikat patterns. The most famous landmark of the city of Margilan is "Yodgorlik" silk weaving factory. Visit Fazlidinna master for the production of hand-woven fabric.

Also in Margilan you will visit the Madrassah of Said Ahmad Khuzha where the center of crafts of the people of the Fergana Valley is located, and if the excursion falls on Thursday or Sunday - a trip to the Kumtepa Bazaar, the largest market of the Fergana Valley, stroll through the Central Bazaar - The Famous Bazaar "Kumtepa", with its abundance of satin and adrase fabric, where you can buy at a very low price.

Next stop is village Rishtan, which since ancient times was famous for its ceramics. Rishtan pottery is distinguished by its richness of decor, in which the blue color dominates. This unique blue glaze "ishkor" is made by hand from natural mineral pigments and mountain plants. Today every third family in Rishtan produces ceramics. After visiting several masters we are going to Fergana.

Return to Fergana

Overnight at hotel in Ferghana


Breakfast in the hotel

08:00 Moving of Fergana Kokand Khujand (231 km)

In the morning we go to Kokand, which is the main transport hub in the Ferghana Valley, leading to the northwest through the mountains to Tashkent, and to the west to Khujand. In Kokand we will visit the palace of the 19th century Khudayar Khan. After losing his power over his possessions, Khudayar Khan spent all his money and energy on decorating his city with a host of elegant mosques, madrassas and his huge palace with its 113 ornate rooms - 19 of which are currently open as a museum. Another beautiful monument to the mausoleum of Modari Khan is a burial vault for all women, khan's relatives. Transfer to the Tajik-Uzbek border.

Crossing the border at the Kanibadam checkpoint. Meeting with the guide and the road to Khujand. In the afternoon - a brief excursion program on Khudzhand - Eskhat Alexandria, was one of the many Alexandria attributed to Alexander the Great, who fought against the Sogdian armies, after all, receiving their obedience by killing General Spitalenov. We will visit the local museum and the grave of Sheikh Mosdouddin, revered in the region of the saint

Overnight at hotel in Khujand


Breakfast in the hotel

08:00 Transfer Khudzhand Istaravshan Penjikent

Today we will visit another wonderful city in Tajikistan, Istaravshan, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities with a history dating back more than 2500 years.

In the past, he was known for his crafts, in particular woodcarving, glazed ceramics, embroidery, gold and silver ornaments, but now his economy is based on the processing of fruits and wine, although some crafts managed to survive. Today the greatest features of Istaravshan are museums, the center of trade and crafts, mosques and ancient ruins. Some of these ancient buildings were decorated with paintings and wood carvings, for example, in Bunjikat, where archaeologists discovered a picture depicting a she-wolf feeding two children: a symbol of the union of the West and the East. Other remains that have survived to this day are the gates, domes and columns left from the residence of the governor, citadel and fortress.

Our last stop in Tajikistan is Penjikent, known as the "Pompeii of Central Asia." A prosperous, fortified city that was founded by the Arabs in the 8th century and then abandoned, its ruins are treasures of archaeologists.

Overnight in hotel Penjikent


Breakfast in the hotel

After breakfast transfer to Tajik - Uzbek border. Crossing border. Meeting with our driver and continue to Shakhrisabz

In Shakhrisabz, an excursion around the city:

Ak Saroy - the ruins of the palace of Amir Timur of the 14th century. A colossal building, imposing dimensions and amazing beauty are the architecture of the portal entrance to the palace.

Dorut Saodat - the family necropolis of Timurids, burial of two sons of Timur and the sarcophagus of Timur (14th century). Khoja Imam Mosque and the tree of the plane trees (750 years old to this tree)

Dorut Tilyavar - the complex consists of two mausoleums, the Mausoleum of Emir Taragay (Timur's father) and his spiritual mentor Mir Kulol. Also in the complex there is a 15th-century Kuk Gumbaz mosque and a madrasah with a small minoret.

Duration of the excursion program is 4 hours.

In addition: (it is required to agree in advance)

Stop in the "Devil's Valley". The valley is remarkable for the unusual shapes of rocks and rocks.

Visit "Ming Chinor" - a tree of plane trees, which is already 1000 years old. It was used by Sufis for prayers and meditation. In Soviet times the hollow of a tree was used as a mini school, in which there was a very small class.

Road to Samarkand

Arrival in Samarkand, accommodation at the hotel, rest

Night in the hotel of Samarkand

Kok Gumbaz Mosque

Breakfast in the hotel

10:00 Excursion program in Samarkand

  • Visit to the famous Mausoleum of Amir Timur - "Gur Emir" and his family tomb - a masterpiece of architecture of the 14th century.
  • Visiting the legendary Registan Square, Madrassah of Ulugbek - the 15th century, Sher-Dor-17th century medrese (1619-1636), Tilya Kori 17th century (1646-1660) - Madrasah and Mosque.


  • The Bibi-Khanum Mosque (1399-1404), erected in honor of the wife of Amir Timur.
  • Famous Samarkand Sieb Bazaar. where you can buy dried fruits and national sweets.
  • During the tour you will visit the Shahi Zinda Necropolis of the Timurid times
  • Visiting the Ulugbek Observatory is a unique 15th century building for studying astronomy.

The duration of the excursion program is 5 - 6 hours.

Additional Activities in Samarkand on request :

  • Wine Faktory “Filatov” You will taste about 12 Uzbek wines and learn the history of wine in Uzbekistan.
  • Theater of of historical national clothes (performance)

Night in the hotel of Samarkand


Breakfast at the hotel.

12:00 Country excursion 30 km from Samarkand:

  • The paper factory of Cunha Meros (a re-created manual production of ancient paper from the mulberry tree, here you will see the entire process of paper production)
  • The Ulugbek Observatory is a unique structure of the 15th century, at the moment there is a fragment of the measuring instrument "Sulce Fakhri"
  • The Mausoleum of the Prophet Daniel is a holy place of worship for the three religions of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish
  • Museum Afrosiyob - Ancient city of Samarkand.

Lunch in Chayhana

The duration of the excursion program is 3-4 hours.

20:00 Transfer to Samarkand train station

21:03 Departure from Samarkand

22:34 Arrival in Bukhara

Transfer to hotel, accommodation, rest

Overnight in hotel


Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 Start of the excursion program in Bukhara.

  • Visit to the Mausoleum of Ismail Samani
  • The mausoleum of Chashma Ayub (the well of Job), is located near the Samanid Mausoleum.
  • Visit the Bolo House mosque of the 18-20th century.
  • Fortress Ark-Citadel of Emir of Bukhara.

Lunch in the local teahouse

Continuation of the sightseeing tour:

  • The Poi Kalyan complex includes the Kalon Mosque and the Kalyan Minaret, the Mir-Arab Madrassah,
  • Madrasah of Ulugbek and Abdulazizhan,
  • Ancient trading domes,
  • The Magoki-Attori Mosque of the 12th century
  • Lyabi Hauz Complex, consisting of three architectural monuments: Kukeldash Madrasah, Nodir Divan-Begi and Khanaka Madrasah of the 17th century.

Continuation of the excursion program: 5 - 6 hours

In addition in Bukhara:

  • Bozori Kord Telpakfurushon-Eastern men's bath.
  • Hamam Kunzhak - Eastern women's bath near the Kalyan Minaret.
  • Folklore show in Madrasah Nodir sofa Begi
  • Puppet theater and workshop.
  • Master class for cooking pilaf in the guest house
  • Bukhara Carpet workshop, handmade
  • Workshop for the production of scrawl
  • Suzani Embroidery Workshop

Night in the hotel of Bukhara


Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 Excursion program outside the city :

  • A trip to the summer palace of Emir of Bukhara "Sitorai Mohi Hosa".
  • The mausoleum of Bakhouddin Naqshbandi, the founder of the Sufi order of Nashbandi,
  • "Chor Bakr" - Necropolis, Unique Monument of "Chor Minor" 1807 -1809.

Lunch in the local teahouse, where they cook the most delicious shish kebab in Uzbekistan

Free time in Bukhara

In addition in Bukhara :

  • Bozori Kord Telpakfurushon-Eastern men's bath.
  • Hamam Kunzhak - Eastern women's bath near the Kalyan Minaret.
  • Folklore show in Madrasah Nodir sofa Begi
  • Puppet theater and workshop.
  • Master class for cooking pilaf in the guest house
  • Bukhara Carpet workshop, handmade
  • Workshop for the production of scrawl
  • Suzani Embroidery Workshop

Night in the hotel of Bukhara


8:00 Breakfast in the hotel

9:00 Departure to Khiva

The road to Khiva through the Kyzylkum Desert (Red Sands) is the 11th largest desert in the world. During the journey, a stop will be made near the Amu Darya River so that you can enjoy the magnificent scenery.

17:00 Arrival to Khiva, arrival to the hotel, rest

Free time in Khiva

Stay overnight in Khiva Hotel


Breakfast in the hotel

10:00 Khiva - Excursions to the sights of Khiva

  • Ichan-Kala (12-19 centuries), the inner city of Khiva, which has preserved more than 50 memorials and ancient houses.
  • Fortress Kunya Ark,
  • Ensemble Pakhlavan Mahmud,
  • The stone estate is the palace of Tash-Hoveli,
  • The Minaret of Kalta-Minor is a symbol of the city,
  • The complex of Islam Hoxha.
  • Lunch in the teahouse.
  • Further along the route;
  • The Juma Mosque,
  • Mosque of Khodja-Islam,
  • MosqueTim Ala-Kulihan,
  • Madrassah of Abdullah-Khan,
  • Mausoleum of Seyyed Allauddin,
  • Madrasah Muhammad Amin-Khan,
  • Madrasah Muhammad Rahim-Khan,
  • The Nurullbaya Palace

Duration of the tour 4 - 5 hours

Overnight in Khiva Hotel


Breakfast in the hotel

Departure from Khiva. Transfer to Shavat checkpoint.

Crossing the Uzbek-Turkmen border. Border formalities. Meeting with the driver on the Turkmen-Uzbek border.

Continuation of the way to Kunyurgench. Survey of the area in Kunyurgench.

Moving to Darvaz to the gas crater.

Inspection of the gas crater

Sunset in the desert

Dinner in the style of barbecue

Night in tents



Departure from Darvaz to Ashgabat

Arrival in Ashgabat, transfer to the hotel to leave luggage

Excursion program in Ashgabat :

  • Independence Park
  • Arch of Neutrality
  • National Museum
  • Neese
  • Mosque and mausoleum of Turkmenbashi

    Overnight at the hotel in Ashgabat

Lake Sudochie

Transfer to the airport in Ashgabat

Departure from Ashgabat

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