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TURKMENISTAN Visa Requirements

In general all foreign nationals are required to have visas to enter the Republic of Turkmenistan. To obtain the tourist visa, all foreign nationals need a visa support from a licensed travel agency in Turkmenistan. Visa support application is submitted by the travel agency to the Immigration Service of the Republic of Turkmenistan. The approval period is about 3 weeks.

The Immigration Service reserves the right to deny any application for visa support without providing further explanations. Approved visa support is faxed directly to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Turkmenistan in the country where the traveler is receiving visa.

Turkmenistan Visa Support Conditions

MINZIFATRAVEL has a licensed partner travel agency in Turkmenistan. We can provide you with Turkmenistan visa support if you book through us all of the following essential travel services for the whole period of your travel in Turkmenistan:

1. Visa support letter;

2. Entry Travel Pass;

3. Registration in Immigration Department;

4. Meeting at the border;

5. Hotel accommodation to the choice;

6. Accompanying guide (usually it is between the cities in the country);

Additional consular fees are paid at the embassy with your visa application, which may range from $ 51 to $ 131 depending on the length of your stay, number entries and urgency.To provide you with visa support we need certain passport and work related information, which can be sent to us by submitting online Turkmenistan Visa Support Form.

The below information is needed to start visa support to Turkmenistan:

Full name;


Date of birth;

Place of birth;


Passport number;

Workplace (company name, address);

Work Position;

Place of obtaining visa (city, country);

Previous visits (year/month);

Duration of staying: from until;

Exact itinerary in the country (what cities to visit);

Point of Entrance in Turkmenistan;

Point of Exit out of Turkmenistan;

Copy of passports sent to us by e-mail as an attachment.

Where to apply for Turkmenistan Visa?

You can apply for a visa where Turkmenistan Embassy or Consulate exist. It is possible to obtain a maximum 10 days visa at the international arrivals lounge of Ashgabat airport.