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Kazakhstan Visa Requirements

In general, all foreign nationals are required to have business or tourist visas to enter Kazakhstan. To obtain a Kazakhstan visa foreign citizens should apply to a Kazakhstan diplomatic/consular institution in their country of residence.

Documents required for the Kazakhstan visa:

Copy of the first two pages of their passport a valid passport (or international travel document),
A copy of their Kazakhstan visa support (invitation letter) with a notification of their visa support number by the DCS of the MFA (or the original individual invitation issued by the Police),
The completed visa application form (pdf)

1 passport-size photo;

Fee, payable on collection of visa

For 5 days transit visas, the visa of the destination country and onward ticket (or a reservation) are required.

The passport should not expire earlier than six months after the validity term of the requested visa. Other necessary documents will be determined by the consul at the time of application.

Visas are issued within 7 calendar days from the day of presenting all documents. Documents are accepted with a visa support letter from the Diplomatic-consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In order to get single entry official, private, tourist or business visa to Kazakhstan at the Embassies of Kazakhstan, nationals of the following countries do not need letter of invitation (Kazakhstan visa support): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France, the Republic of Korea.

Citizens of the following countries do not need entry Kazakhstan visa to visit Kazakhstan:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan,

Where to apply for Kazakhstan Visa?

You can apply for the Kazakhstan visa outside of Kazakhstan where Kazakhstan Embassy of Consulate exist

Nationalities that do not need the letter of invitation can also obtain a tourist visa on arrival at consular posts of the MFA at Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Uralsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk airports with special applications of travel agencies to the DCS of the MFA.

Types of Kazakhstan Visa

1. Diplomatic Kazakhstan visa: issued to holders of diplomatic passports and in some instances, when the issue of a diplomatic visa has been recognized expedient. Diplomatic visas are registered without levy of consular fees.

2. Official Kazakhstan visa: issued to personnel of foreign diplomatic and other representations and international organizations, who are not considered diplomatic personnel, and also to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling on business, invited by government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Investor Kazakhstan visa: issued to genuine investors – managers and representatives of managerial staff of major foreign companies, operating on the Kazakhstani market or who have genuine plans to develop business projects.

4. Unless stated otherwise by an international treaty or agreement of the Republic of Kazakhstan Work visas are issued upon provision of a permission for foreign labor recruitment and other documents.

5. Business Kazakhstan visa: issued to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for business (to attend business negotiations, forums, market research, etc.) upon application of non-governmental legal entities, registered on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6. Tourist Kazakhstan visa: issued upon approval of a local travel agency’s application, licenses to operate as such.

7. Study visa: issued with permission of the immigration police upon application of educational institutions.

8. Visas for medical treatment are issued to foreigners and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for treatment, medical checks, consultations and similar reasons upon application of the relevant institutions and organizations confirming the character of the invitation.

9. Visas for permanent residence are issued upon provision of documents stipulated by the legislation.

10. Transit Kazakhstan visa: issued upon provision of a visa valid to enter the country of destination and relevant tickets with confirmation of departure date from the Transportation point on the territory of Kazakhstan, no later than 5 days from the moment of arrival to the port or station in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Visa Support / Letter of Invitation (LOI)
Time required for providing LOI is from 3 to 5 days. Approved visa support application is faxed directly to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided in your Letter of Invitation. We will send you by e-mail the reference number (telex number) of the approved Kazakhstan Visa Support / Letter of Invitation, which you would need to provide together with your visa application.

Kazakhstan Visa Support Conditions

To provide you with the Kazakhstan visa support, we need the following:

1. Fill out Kazakhstan Visa Support/ Letter of Invitation (LOI) Form

2. Send us a good quality photocopy of your passport by fax or preferably a scanned copy by e-mail.

3. Receive in full Kazakhstan Visa Support fee;


According to the Resolution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of modifications and additions to the “Instruction on issuing visas of Republic of Kazakhstan” from 15.02.2004, the following countries are not required Kazakhstan Visa

Supporttion (letter of invitation) to obtain Single Tourist / Business visa:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, USA, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan

Note: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to deny any application for Kazakhstan visa support without providing further explanations or may request additional information (e.g. letter from the employer confirming the employment).