Shriniwas Kelkar

Dear Mr. Timur

salaam alekum

It is exactly one month – to date and time – that we returned from Uzbekistan. It is not going out of our minds. And thanks to you for that. If it was for that anniversary, this morning they were showing a one-hour documentary on the Aral Sea and obviously showed Muynaq.

I have prepared a ppt which I can send you. The pictures were not taken in HD and hence there is a little loss in fidelity. However, it was quite exciting for many who saw it.

Mr. and Mrs. Datar will come back from their Norway tour and within a fortnight will leave for Canada and US.

We the elder two (and older too) are relaxing at home doing some minor things. Two of my friends are coming for a visit from US and I will have to do a Timur to them when I take them to world famous Ajantha caves. Then our son comes for some official work and will be visiting us for at least 2 weekends.

So again thanks to your great hospitality and service, we are still enjoying Uzbekistan.

With all the best wishes to you, your family, Anna and others in Bukhara


 Arpita M. H.

Dear Mr. Timur

Wishing you and Minzifa Travel the very Best

Thanks for being a great host and guide throughout our trip to Uzbekistan, especially for helping us out at the airport and various city Transportations ,some really sumptuous food with local families and recipes that you shared with Dad , great wine tasting , detailed history of the various Mausoleums and Madrasas we visited, overall we really had a very comfortable & Interesting stay…

Amazed by the architecture , warm and friendly people of Uzbekistan and such close synergies between India and Uzbekistan, also nice to local people so fond of ‘Hindustanis’ ( Thanks to ‘Ishani’ recentlyJ) … Dad and I will be writing articles / Blogs and sharing them on the net… I will also definitely recommend Minzifatravel on Tripadvisor, lots of friends and doctors already enquiring after seeing the FB pics, so expect enquiries from India J..

Will plan a trip back to Uzbek with S…. and friends to explore Khiva, Fergana and the rest of places missed in this trip.

 Steve L г. London

Dear Mr. Timur

Thank you again.

All good. Good fast driver. Sitting in the VIP lounge drinking beer. So happy! Thank you for everything. I have a word with Umar the (Uzbek) minibus driver however. He was very rude and angry all the time. The guide in Tajikistan were great, Best driver ever and very good and kind guide.

 Laura Papkov г. Huston,USA

Dear Mr. Timur

Thank you again.

Timur you are the best of the best..I would recomend everybody use your services when traveling to Bukhara..Thanks again.. 🙂

  Iuqjerd and Hanna

Dear, Timur !

Thank you again.

t is very difficult to express in words the enormous gratitude we feel towards you!
It is always risky to follow a dream, the chances of being disillusioned are many. However, in Uzbekistan
reality has been even more fabulous than our dreams. It couldn’t have been better, and we thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.

Your great knowledge about your country and it’s culture and your love of it has impressed us. Add to
that your enormous patience and kindness, great sense of humor and the faultless arrangement of the
tour and you have the perfect travel agent and guide. But more than that, we have found a friend.
Wishing you good health and happiness and hoping to meet you again. You will always have a special
place in our heart. Our best wishes.


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