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  Does It Seem Simpler To Obtain A Visa Of Uzbekistan?

Yes, it does sound so. Uzbekistan is an inviting country with much to offer. It is needless to say that the whole tour around the Stans is very expensive with a lot of issues with visas, borders etc. Yet people plan their vacations to Stan countries to inhale the vast and the extraordinary beauty the region holds in it. Unlike Central Asia, a lot of countries are there those come up with a lot of paper works like permits, letters of invitation and visa applications etc, and finding the authentic and genuine information in this regard is the biggest hurdle. It is because Visa requirements for every country are different, and visa policies are subject to change at any given time.

In Central Asia each Stan country varies in its visa policy, and that you have to submit a visa application for each respective country. Here we would discuss only about the tourist visas, and not visas for business, education, or missionary work to one of the most dazzling destination of Central Asia “ Uzbekistan “ the most thriving of all the Stan nations.

Where To Apply?

You can apply for a visa where Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate exists. Please note that required documents and visa fees may differ based on your citizenship and where you apply.

Visa On Arrival

It is possible to obtain a visa at the international arrivals lounge of Tashkent International Airport if you are fulfilling the following two conditions.

  Where there is no Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate in the country, from where you are originating.

  Where the Uzbekistan Embassy exists but not providing enough time to deal with visa issues.

List Of Documents Required

  Uzbekistan Visa support, also referred to as Letter of Invitation (LOI);

  Valid passport (be sure that you have enough pages for visa and entry/exit stamps);

  Completed application form;

  1 passport-size photo;

  Fee, payable on collection of visa;

  Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post;

  Evidence of purpose of a visit;

  Confirmation of hotel reservation and details of stay.

Letter Of Invitation (L.O.I)

The letter of invitation is an inevitable document for obtaining the visa for Uzbekistan. These letters are required to be issued by the worthy Uzbek citizens whose information will be cross checked prior to issuance of the visa. If you are on business purposes then you need a company based in Uzbekistan to invite you but if the purpose is travel a registered tourist agency or an individual of repute can invite you. Against relatively significant payment travel agents in Central Asia can issue the invitation letters.

Person Granting You The LOI Need To Furnish The Following Data With It.

  Passport details (copy of your passport must be presented);

  Letter from your employer (stating purpose of visit if business visa);

  Arrival and departure details;

  Place where you want to obtain Uzbek visa;

  Travel package (to obtain tourist visa you need to buy a travel package from your tour agency);

  Visa support fee.

How To Apply For Uzbek Visa?

Tag the copy of invitation letter from inviting persons in Uzbekistan with the properly completed and signed visa application form. Add the supporting documents like One passport-sized photograph, attached to the application form, the valid Passport (must have at least one blank page to stick the visa and be valid three months longer than visa) and the supporting document in favour of the payment of the consular fee. Note that a personal interview with an applicant may be required or Embassy/Consulate may ask for additional documents.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan will review visa support application submitted by your inviting person whithin 7 business days. After that, the Ministry will sned confirmation reference number (otherwise named ‘Telex number’) to the Embassy or Consulate where you will obtain your visa within 3-10 working days.


Your appeal for Visa may be rejected for no reason. As Uzbek visa rules depend entirely on the state of Uzbekistan’s relations with your country’s government.

Exemption from LOI

Citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US would be exempted from LOI.

Apply Earlier

Collecting visas for a multi country trip through Central Asia can take months and cost hundreds of US dollars. Besides visa conditions change frequently and planning ahead is mostly recommended. The visa cost for a Central Asia trip covering 3-4 countries is going to be at least USD 200 but in a rush costs may easily sum up to over 400-500 USD. Take your time to plan well ahead.

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